– Yolande Pearson –


Manicure - £15

Includes shaping nails, tidying cuticles, hand massage and polish if desired (NB Heat therapy wax additional cost of - £3)

Pedicure - £18

Includes shaping nails, tidying cuticles, removing hard skin, foot massage and polish if desired.

Manicure and Pedicure together - £28

Eyebrow Shaping - £5

Eyebrow Tinting - £8

Eye Lash Tinting - £10

Lip and Chin Wax - £8

Half Leg Wax - £10

Full Leg Wax - £20

Under Arm Wax - £8

Bikini Wax - £8

Body Polish - £30

Brush, exfoliate and nourish to soften skin. - approx 45 minutes

Back Cleanse Treatment - £30

Body brush, exfoliate and massage. Moor Spa mask and Moor Spa nourishing body lotion. - approx 45 minutes


1 hr Massage - £35
½ hr Massage - £19

Swedish massage to improve blood and lymph circulation ... relieve tired and aching muscles.

Aromatherapy - £40

A blend of essential oils tailored to each individual person... applied using holistic massage over body, face and scalp. - 1.5hrs

Reflexology - £20

Therapeutic massage of the feet to aid relaxation and restful sleep ... relieve symptoms such as pain, lethargy and headache. - 45 minutes

Priadara Thai Style Back Massage - £30

Massage using warm compresses (containing up to 20 herbs, flowers and spices) to stimulate the senses, to warm muscles and detoxify the body - powerful and purifying.

Indian Head Massage - £25

The benefits include relief from tired aching muscles in upper back, shoulders and neck. Improves hair and scalp condition. A sense of well being and tranquillity. Lifts tiredness, irritability and anxiety. It may also improve sleep patterns, symptoms of stress, aid memory and concentration levels. - 45 mins

Elixea “Bare Face Beauty” Facial - £35

Using Moor Spa products to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin while relaxing facial, shoulder and neck muscles, finishing with Algae mask to plump, nourish and soften fine lines. All products are tailored to your skin needs. - 1 hour

Elixea “Light & Bright” Facial - £30

Natural fruit enzymes gently lift dry skin cells revealing fresh, glowing skin. Includes massage of the shoulders, neck and arms and Algae mask to nourish. - 45 minutes


Glow Peel - £45

Let your skin glow with an anti-ageing glycolic peel using a 40% glycolic peel. Ideal for tired and dull complexion, prematurely aged or sun damaged skin, congested skin, acne prone skin, loss of suppleness and regular skin enhancement - 1 hour.

Glow Micro-Needling Facial - £155

Anti-ageing dermaroller micro-needling. Ideal for tired and dull skin, lines and wrinkles, sun damaged and ageing skin, evening skin pigmentation, scaring, enlarged pores, under eye bags, lack of skin plumpness and smoothness - 1 hour 15 mins.


Priadara Thai Style Facial - £35

Combining *Moor Spa products with Thai style massage techniques to cleanse, soften and brighten skin while relaxing facial and shoulder muscles. Moor Spa containing natural ingredients and minerals.

Cleanse and Make-up - £25

Cleanse, moisturise and application of make-up to suit day, evening or special occasions.

Yolande Pearson trained and received her qualifications from Champneys College of Health and Beauty and Raworth College of Natural Therapy.

In addition she has done extensive in-house training with many famous names including Clarins and Christian Dior to name but two. She has also taught at Norwich City College and Lowestoft College.

*Moor Spa - a totally natural product which uses herbs, organic substances, mineral nutrients and Austrian moor mud. It is free from artificial preservatives, colours or fragrances. It also contains no petroleum-derived ingredients.

Priadara - Thai style incorporates eastern massage techniques using herbal, heated compresses. It is fantastic massage which provides a powerful and detoxifying treatment.